The Quad Light concept
  • Brand new way of advertising
  • B2B advertising service
  • Innovative and impactful
  • Easy to market
  • Ready to get started
  • Quick return on the investment

The marketing message comes across most effectively where the Advertiser needs it:
Right besides the target grou

  • Daily in the heavy traffic
  • At the busiest spots of town
  • By shopping malls, around the parking lots of such plaza centers, covering roads leading to them.
  • Cultural, Sport and various other events
  • By sport facilities and other gyms
  • On exhibitions and other venues
  • At schools and seminars
  • At mega events
  • In front of Cinemas, Clubs, Discos, Restaurants
  • In front of private businesses
  • By office buildings and commercial properties
    - and many other potential